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As I mentioned earlier, I had the opportunity to attend Activision’s Games For Girls Summit.  I learned a tremendous amount about gaming for girls and also had the chance to check out Activision’s new line of games for girls.  Many of these games were released in just the last week and I am happy to share the information with you.  While I was at the summit, I had the chance to see a preview of each of the games including the Wappy Dog.  In our house, this is the only dog my daughter has a chance of owning, so I really enjoyed the Wappy Dog!  According to Kidsay Trend Tracker 2010, 45% of kids aged 8 – 15 play games on a DS and that trend is growing with our daughters.  Girls are a growing part of the gaming population!

All of the six games recently released by Activision for girls are included in this giveaway!  There will be 6 winners, so lots of chances to win!  Here are the games that are featured in this giveaway.

The whimsical and magical world of Lalaloopsy has been brought to life on the Nintendo DS. As the new girl in town, you start by selecting your very own playable Lalaloopsy friend. Reunite all the familiar Lalaloopsy dolls with their lost pets to build incredible friendships and unlock exciting crafting activities. Special surprises and cool collectibles make it a unique and exciting experience. There is so much to do and so much fun to be had, it’s time to get sewing!


  • Play with Your Favorite Lalaloopsy Dolls: All 12 dolls are available to play with including: Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff, Blossom Flowerpot, Bea Spells a Lot and many more!

  • Colorful and Whimsical World: The handcrafted feel and bright palette is preserved in the game. Every doll’s environment and items will feel familiar to all Lalaloopsy fans.

  • Build Lasting Friendships: Help the dolls find and care for their pets to unlock their specific craft mini-game; giving the finished crafts as gifts unlocks even more accessories!

  • Create Cute Crafts!: Twelve doll specific craft activities are made uniquely personal with various customizations and themes.

  • Rewards A’Plenty: Frequent rewards, accompanied by distinctive animations, sounds and content, coupled with delightful hidden collectibles, make the game engaging and exciting.

  • Added Bonus: Included with each game purchase is a limited release Mini Lalaloopsy™ doll.

The world’s fastest growing online game for children presents Moshi Monsters. Moshling Zoo on Nintendo DS. Boasting over 50 million players across over 150 countries worldwide.  Moshi Monsters is one of the largest and most loved online games for children. Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo is set to become one of the most sought after presents for children this Christmas!Features:

  • Find ‘Em, Keep ‘Em: Explore the Wooly Wilderness in search for ULTRA RARE Moshlings to add to your Moshling zoo!

  • Play Cool Mini-Games: Play exclusive Moshi mini-games to help boost your Moshling’s level, mood, health and happiness.

  • Explore the World: Explore all new areas of Monstro City including Buster’s Baby Care, the Glormatorium and Raaghly’s Stararcade.

  • Unlock Moshi Rewards: Unlock ULTRA RARE Moshi Monsters rewards including achievements, trophies and super secret items to be unlocked within

In Squinkies 2: Adventure Mall Surprize, players will explore the recently opened Adventure Mall Surprize. As young gamers control their squishy, squashy character, they learn to navigate the mall in a quest to invite the other lovable Squinkies to a fantastic Squinkies party. Along the way, you get to collect magic coins which, when deposited in the Gumball Playhouse, unlock secret playable characters. There are literally hundreds of Squinkies to meet and greet, so get bouncing!Features:

  • Unique Setting: The Adventure Mall environment is entirely new for the game and exploring the amazing environment is just plain fun!

  • Hundreds of Squinkies: There are 600 Squinkies in the game, some that are playable characters and others you simply add to your collection. The 40 available playable characters also have 10 “rare” and un-lockable friends that must be purchased with the Magic Coins found around the mall.

  • Unique Environments: Four distinct play areas, each with four stages of thematic backgrounds keeps the game feeling consistently fresh and distinct. Specific locales include: Aquarium, Food Court, Wedding Castle and Amusement Park.

  • Included Squinkies Toy: Each purchase of the game will include an exclusive, limited release and ultra-rare 3-piece Squinkies playset!

Wappy Dog brings forth the next generation of interactive toys, connecting a physical pet toy with the virtual world, where young gamers care for and raise their very own interactive puppy to adulthood through an immersive experience communicated through the Nintendo DS, truly touching both the pet toy and videogame audiences. Players choose between “Home Mode”, which enables them to engage with the physical dog through the Nintendo DS, or “Travel Mode”, which gives on-the-go Nintendo DS players a chance to continue caring for and playing with their pet virtually. In Home Mode, players can communicate by selecting a prompt on the Nintendo DS and Wappy will respond through vocal barks and movement. Players can converse with Wappy in this manner, ask the physical dog to perform tricks (such as singing and dancing) and play mini-games with their Wappy Dog to which the physical dog responds. In Travel Mode, players can nurture, play games with and customize a virtual version of Wappy Dog on the Nintendo DS. When players reunite their system with their physical pet, the two entities sync to enable the same dynamic personality and status giving players constant access to their pet. Each Wappy Dog is a personalized experience enabling players to customize both the virtual version with different colors and accessories, as well as the physical dog with spots, colors and accessories via in-pack sticker sheets. Players train and care for their Wappy Dog to determine their pet’s constantly evolving personality, skills, and happiness, as well as use their game system to communicate with their dog.

The ZhuZhu™ crew is at it again! This time, Razzmataz has wandered off during a safari trip in South Africa and the friends back home need your help to find him! You’ll travel around the world and visit exotic cites with the ZhuZhu Babies to help find Razz and bring him home safe and sound.Features:

  • 11 Babies to Play With: Familiar and new characters, each with their own adorable personalities, include Razzmataz, Luana, Izzy, Sox, Legend, Bandit, Riley and more!

  • So Many Levels to Explore: 35+ levels of twists, turns, and big surprises! With 10 little babes a little creativity is needed to find the best hiding spots as they make their way through airports, bus stations and popular tourist destinations.

  • Race through Cites All Over the World: Starting at home in St.Louis, the exciting adventure will take you to cities like Chicago, New York, London, Rome, Cairo and Johannesburg.

Zoobles™ are magically springing to life! These mischievous and fantastical creatures are waiting to pop open before your eyes when you least expect it. The Zoobles videogame for Nintendo DS™ takes all this exciting fun and puts the control right into gamers’ hands. Young players care for and nurture their lovable companions as they explore 6 distinct lands in Zooble Isle, each featuring a diverse range of characters. Those familiar to the toy and even kids new to Zoobles will have a blast collecting and sharing their finds with friends!Features:

  • Explore the Magical Zooble Isle: Set out on an adventure to see all the familiar Zoobles lands including: Petagonia™, Azoozia™, Pinegrove™, Chillville™, Petal Point™ and Jungleopolis™ with 18 unique playable Zoobles! • Decorate and customize your Happitat: Choose from 6 unique Happitats, and decorate with furniture and objects you’ve unlocked, including rugs, kitchens, sofas, bathtubs, and even special items like fountains! In your Happitat your Zooble can cook in the kitchen, dress up in adorable accessories, take baths, and more!

  • Make lots of Zooble Friends: As you explore, you’ll come across more than 40 of your favorite Zoobles. Make friends by playing with them or hanging out in your Happitat! If you become good friends, they might even give you presents! There are so many Zoobles to meet, and you’ll want to collect them all as friends! Check your WikiZoob to see just how many Zooble friends you have!

  • Love ‘Em and Play with ‘Em: Caring for and nurturing your Zooble is key. You’ll need to pay attention to how hungry, clean, and tired they are, and also play with them and make new friends to keep them happy!

  • Adorable Activities and Zooble Fun: As you explore each land and make more and more friends, you’ll get more and more fun things to do, such as sliding down curvy slides, pulling off tricks on trampolines, gardening, playing hide-and-seek with your Zooble friends, and even hosting dance parties with all your Zooble friends!

  • Added Bonus: For a limited time, each game purchase includes a Zooble toy.

AND NOW FOR THE GIVEAWAY!  This is a Rafflecopter Giveaway. US ONLY. 18 AND UP.  There is but one mandatory entry but lots of optional entries to give everyone a lot of chances to win!  As always, no cheating  !Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...