When We Had to Wait

I usually post a picture for Flashback Friday, but you will have to use your imagination this week.  The political and financial ills of our country have me thinking about when times were simpler.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what has changed in my just my lifetime.  Like so many others, I guess I have been trying to figure out what is “wrong” with the world today and why there seems to be so much turmoil.  This post is not meant to be the answer to that question, but it may be a symptom.

The thought for this post started yesterday as I was making some Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup for my daughter.  I always heat up the soup on the stove top.  I may be wrong, but I think it tastes better.  Of course, it would probably be even better if I made chicken noodle soup from scratch, but that doesn’t happen very often.  Still, I won’t go as far as dumping the can into the microwave safe bowl and pressing start.  I’m not some sort of elite mom who insists on everything being homemade, but I do have my quirky limits.

By now, you are wondering what is my point.  Here it is.  Maybe part of the problem is our instant food culture.  I remember as a child, if my Mom took a night off from cooking we either ordered pizza or went out to eat at a restaurant.  Now, if I want to take a night off from cooking, I have those options, but I also have hundreds of instant options right here in my kitchen.   Think about it.  How many things can you make in your kitchen in less time than it would take for the pizza delivery guy to ring the doorbell?

As much as I like all of this convenience, I am wondering if it is part of our problem.  Our children are being brought up in a world where you don’t have to wait.  And, in my opinion, waiting is part of the experience.  Think about Thanksgiving.  All of that preparation and the aromas wafting through your home are a part of the experience.  Somehow that turkey tastes better because of the wait.  If you made Thanksgiving dinner in the microwave, it just wouldn’t be as good.

Now, I am not suggesting that we all prepare Thanksgiving type meals on a daily basis.  There isn’t enough time.  But I do think we have to make time to prepare some meals and involve our children in the process.  I like that Gwen helps to mix the batter for a cake, watches it go in the oven and has to wait for it to be done.  I like that she watches as I prepare a meal and sees that we have to wait for the food to cook.  She is learning through that process.

As a child, I was always jealous of other kids because their moms used Hamburger Helper and my mom didn’t.  Once I was a single woman living on my own, I bought some and used it.  I hated it.  My mother’s creations were and still are so much better.  My Mom cooked for us and I’d like to think I’m carrying on that tradition.  I hope that our children carry it forward too.  What do you think?